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Control science and computers: ascend along Prangishvili’s path
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Georgian engineering news
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pp. 5-24
This article summarizes memoirs and remembrance of colleagues, friends and co-workers about the life and scientific endeavors of Iveri Varlamovich Prangishvili, an outstanding figure of the Russian Federation’s science and technology, Dr. Sc. (Engg.), Professor, a member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, a member of international and foreign academies [1] who for decades headed the V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences that used to be the Institute of Automation and Remote Control (IAT) of the USSR Academy of Sciences [2]. I.V. Prangishvili made an outstanding and history making contribution to the Institute of Control Sciences which he headed for nearly twenty years, from 1987 to 2006. In the period that was a heavy test for the country and its science he managed the Institute’s way through trials and tribulations and succeeded in preserving the institute’s great traditions and spirit. In 1950s when he started his scientific career in Gruzenergo, the leading Georgian institution in charge of that Soviet Republic’s energy industry and the All-Union Gidroenergoproyekt, a leading Soviet energy engineering design institution, and later a graduate student in the Institute of Automation and Remote Control, the control science was at a formative stage at which new lines of research were emerging. The after-war economic recovery and expansion and a new arms race made the country face problems that could seem fantastic in a war-devastated nation such as development of nuclear rocketry, space exploration, comprehensive automation of industries, of new professional activities and of control of most complicated technological systems such as nuclear-powered submarines, nuclear power stations and robotic systems. In this context I.V. Prangishvili chose his own path in the control science that he followed himself and led his colleagues for over five decades. One can hardly appreciate the role played by I.V. Prangishvili and his followers in the control science without looking at this science from the vantage points of its today’s positions, the summits of its evolutionary ascent over the recent decades.
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Васильев С.Н., Затуливетер Ю.С. Control science and computers: ascend along Prangishvili’s path // Georgian engineering news. 2012. №4. С. pp. 5-24.