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Книга (брошюра, монография, стандарт)
Polarization and optimal allocation of migrants
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WP7/2017/01 https://wp.hse.ru/data/2017/07/04/1171031697/WP7_2017_01______f.pdf
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1-ое издание
Препринты Национального исследовательского университета «Высшая школа экономики» WP7/2017/01
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Arrival of new immigrants which represent different cultures and nationalities increase not only the population, but also the diversity in the host society. If the goal of migration policy implies only the control of open space per inhabitant, the rate of net migration growth is enough for successful migration policy. However, main problems to be considered are heterogeneity of the population, heterogeneity of migrants, demand on the labor market and, most important, possible polarization among local population and migrants. To achieve an optimal resettlement of immigrants we propose to take into account the rate of society polarization. The reasons for polarization might be infinite. For example, two groups might be funs of two different football teams. A polarization of society may emerge due to different social, cultural, ethnic and other measurable characteristics of the population. For the formal statement of the problem we consider the settlements with initial distribution of population and initial distribution of polarization in these settlements. Then we consider migrants with the distribution of polarization among them. Main assumption is that after allocation of migrants in the settlements the final polarization can be changed, thus, this effect should be taken into account.
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Алескеров Ф.Т., Якуба В.И. Polarization and optimal allocation of migrants. WP7/2017/01 https://wp.hse.ru/data/2017/07/04/1171031697/WP7_2017_01______f.pdf. Moscow: Препринты Национального исследовательского университета «Высшая школа экономики» WP7/2017/01, 2017. – 28 с.