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The Control Sciences Department was set up in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1956 for the aim of training broad-educated specialists in control theory and its applications. Now it covers the following main lines of research:

  • Theory of random processes, functional analysis, optimal control and its applications to control problems;
  • Mathematical models of control processes in technical systems;
  • Mathematical methods of studying control processes in industrial systems, including smart energetical systems;
  • Control in social, political, economic and ecological systems;
  • Modern communication and computation technologies in control processes.


International Master’s degree program MASTER OF SCIENCE (inf)


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  • Control and Artificial Intelligence – Doctor of Science (Math.),
    Prof., academician S. Vassilyev

  • Statics and Dynamics of Complex Systems – Doctor of Science (Math.),
    Prof. V. Opoitsev

  • Methods of Discrete Optimization in Project Management – PhD, ass. Prof. M.Goubko

  • Decision-making Theory – Doctor of Science (Techn.), Prof. F. Aleskerov

  • Optimal Control in Dynamic Systems – Doctor of Science (Techn.), Prof. E. Rubinovich

  • Theory of Automatic Control – Doctor of Science (Math.), Prof. L. Rapoport

  • Theory of Control in Organizational-Economic Systems – PhD, ass. Prof. N. Korgin

  • Control in Bio-Med Systems – Doctor of Science (Biol.), Prof. A. Michalski



  • Methods of Extreme Events Analysis (Doctor of Science (Math.), Prof. N. Markovich)

  • Smart Energetical Systems Control – PhD, ass. Prof. D. Novitski

  • Corporative Informational Systems – Doctor of Science (Techn.), Prof. G. Kalyanov

  • Political Processes Control – Doctor of Science (Techn.), Prof. F. Aleskerov

  • Control in Social Systems – Doctor of Science (Techn.), Prof.,
    RAS Correspondent Member D. Novikov

  • Control in Ecologo-Economical Systems – Doctor of Science (Techn.),
    Prof. A. Shchepkin







The Control Theory department is based on V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences (ICS), Russian Academy of Sciences, which was founded in 1939. The Institute was named after Academician Vadim Alexandrovich Trapeznikov (1905 – 1994) and Institute Director in 1951 - 1987, in 1998.

Basic Lines of Research in ICS:
• System Theory and General Control Theory;
• Techniques of Control in Complicated Engineering and Man-Machine Systems;
• Theory of Control in Inter-Disciplinary Models of Organizational, Social, Economic, Medical and Biological and Environment Protection Systems;
• Theory and Techniques in Development of Software-and-Hardware and Engineering Tools of Control and Complicated Data Processing and Control Systems;
• Scientific Fundamentals of Technologies in Vehicle Control and Navigation;
• Scientific Fundamentals of Integrated Control Systems and Automation of Technological Industrial Processes.
Post-graduate School of ICS:
The Institute operates four thesis councils that award Dr. Sc. and Cand. Sc. (Engg and Phys.-Math) degrees in the following fields:
• 05.13.01 – Systems analysis, control and data processing in engineering and physical and mathematical sciences.

• 05.13.05 – Computing technology and control systems elements and units.
• 05.13.06 – Process automation and control.
• 05.13.10 – Management in social and economic systems.
• 05.13.11 – Computer, computing system and computer network software.
• 05.13.12 – Сomputer-aided systems.
• 05.13.15 – Computers and computing systems.
• 05.13.18 – Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software systems.
The post-graduate school has recently started training in economic sciences such as: "Economy and economy management" (08.00.05) and "
Mathematical and instrumental methods in economy" (08.00.13).
Over 2,000 people have defended their doctoral and candidate theses in the Institute.

CONTACTS. Head of MIPT Control Theory Department:
Prof. Dmitry A. Novikov (novikov@ipu.ru, +7-495-334-75-69).


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